Telephone Specialists in York

Local IT solutions is able to carry out work on a range of systems from several manufacturers such as BT, Nortel, LG, Samsung, NEC and of course Panasonic.

Our partner has specialized in supplying Panasonic systems for over 20 years during which time we have built a massive knowledge base of what they can do as well as having installed hundreds of different combinations using Analogue, Digital and IP versions. We have extensive experience of Panasonic A Series, DBS, SBS, KXT, KXTD, KXTDA, KXTVM, KXTDE and NCP systems as well as carrying a large stock of spares.

We also have access to refurbished equipment if you have one of the older systems. New systems equipment can usually be supplied on a next day delivery if required and all at competitive prices.

Lines & Calls


For a long time BT were the only option and many businesses still believe BT are the only reliable company to provide lines and calls, however with the help of our partners, LTS can offer not only a better service but also much lower costs!

Low cost calls
Line rental & installation
Business broadband

Non-geographic numbers
Simplified one bill solution
Free phone bill audit

No Obligation audit

Every business is different and we offer a free, no obligation audit of your lines and call spend. By focusing on where you make your highest call spend a few simple changes can save you lots of money. Unlike some other providers our there, we offer no call set up fee, no hidden charges, just lower prices, clear bills and free online reports of all your calls.

We can also offer Non Geographic numbers such as 0800, 0844 and 0845 all with free set up and no ongoing rental. We can offer advice on what you might need when moving and project manage the line installation for you. Products available include:

Analogue / PSTNI
SIP Broadband

Leased Lines
Bonded Lines